[:en]Meet VR Rehab | Resident Presentation[:]

[:en] A new direction towards optimizing rehabilitation is the use of Virtual Reality. Meet VR Rehab, one of our residents here at StartupWorks. By utilizing virtual reality technology, they have optimized and changed the process of rehabilitation.  Their first application VirKit has been developed in collaboration with rehabilitation therapists here in Denmark, and is already …

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Coders of the future

Here at StartupWorks we love supporting ambitious and motivated individuals. Every week we get a visit from the boys and girls over at Elevakademiet. They convert the StartupWorks offices into a learning space for their TECHCLUB in Aalborg. The TECHCLUB allows kids in the ages 10-16, to get a specialised experience with the newest technologies. The TECHCLUB offers courses in Gamemaking, Coding and Programming for Arduino. The …

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