The heroes of tomorrow

Not all heroes wear robes; Some wear t-shirts and sneakers as they work on developing technologies that will change the world. Our residents are tech enthusiasts who have unique and innovative ideas that can contribute to the technology of the future. Although our residents work with their own unique product and approach, they have one thing in common. They all have global ambitions and scalable potential. Meet and read more about our heroes down below.

ICEBREAKER Nordic is the company behind ICEBREAKER – the world’s first hand-held ice cube maker. ICEBREAKER is the company’s first product of many to come in their mission to revolutionize the ice cube industry.

The GoodiePack software makes it possible for you to create an easy and convenient communication channel – so you can communicate with the guest directly through their own mobile device before, under and after the event or their stay.

We are an IP consultancy company specialized in patents and design protection. We are also a team of highly motivated IP professionals sharing the same mind-set: that “clients’ business comes first”. We always strive to use the tools of the IP world to give you the best possible protection of your business.

We provide angel investments for early stage tech
startups. Focus is on startups where IPR is a key

Dynaccount offers solid online services in accounting programs. The goal is to be the fastest and most intuitive accounting program on the market.

Denmarks cheapest debt collection service in collaboration with Dynaccount.

Terapeut Booking er et dansk administrationssystem for selvstændige behandlere. Terapeut Booking håndterer påmindelser, regnskab, aftaler, journaler og meget mere

We reduce the cost of energy for offshore wind power by enabling optimal solutions through application of superior knowledge of wind, waves and loads implemented in a holistic approach to design of offshore wind turbines.

Our vision is to empower engineers to innovate faster. We do this by knowing their process and understanding how to optimize their time through our software. We create software that digitizes, automates and eases those technical processes. Our software reduces the time spent on non-value adding work and help organize the work across the organization.

Progras is a rapidly growing software consultancy. We are specialists in web development using the newest technologies. We work with small and medium-sized companies to develop their existing or new products.

illumator provides visual aid to the abstract and complex stuff people work with, so the collaboration on it is mediated, and the communication about it is easier to comprehend.

Mainly is a training platform where trainers can create and sell fast moving training programmes to their audience

Shape Acoustic develops and manufactures innovative acoustic solutions. With our new concept of hidden acoustical panels, it is possible to improve the acoustics of a room without having visible panels.

Limbic Sideshow helps you increase the emotional impact of your digital entertainment and training applications.

For more than 15 years we have designed social behavior for digital products, modelling emotional and socialAI as well as merging interaction design with evolutionary psychology to make digital products easy to use and understand.

WeConsider has with a reinterpretation of the iconic lifeline, created a product that respects the water and the Danish cities and meets modern standards in coastal rescue. The LifeBoard delivers and increases the chance of a safe and successful rescue.

SammenSammen sells activities that create PRESENCE in everyday life. With subscription solutions, SammenSammen will make a difference for your children, for you and your family.

At Robotto, we integrate vision and navigation algorithms for monitoring and analyzing forest fires. We are able to do this by usingautonomous drones.

A video platform designed for people with dementia or other cognitive impairments.

We sell a secure password management solution and encryption driven productivity software for consumers and businesses in free democratic nations. In nations without freedom of speech we provide our products for free and stripped of branding on the dark web.

REDO – Neurosystems strives to be an intriquete part of the future of pain alleviation, trough the generation of a novel treatment option to combat chronic pain arising from muscles and joints

Motioncatch objectively identifies stresses in the body through motion measurements and ergonomic software, and can with this knowledge, establish preventative solutions to promote employee well-being.

ClearSky Imagery is developing multi-spectral cloudless optical satellite imagery to further the advancements of sustainable agriculture. By radar technology and artificial intelligence ClearSky Imagery produce daily images without clouds and shadows, thereby making remote sensing more useful for everyone.


Vi udvikler en online platform til forretnings- og kompetenceudvikling, målrettet mod private og offentlige organisationer. Vi samarbejder med eksperter i industrien.

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Create it REAL er et team af internationale eksperter i 3D print produkter og 3D print teknologi.

Vi udvikler en App til løbere. Appen guider, informerer og kommunikerer med dig under løbet.

En mountainbike app med konkurrencer, ranglister, statistikker, live info, sikkerheds features og meget mere.

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Moti is developing the future product for measuring progress in physiotherapeutic rehabilitation objectively, which will set a new stadard for evaluating level of injury.

Mainly is a training platform where trainers can create and sell fast moving training programmes to their audience