Pop up Gallery – 2019-05-31

StartupWorks would like to invite artists to a Pop-Up gallery event. This will be held on Maj 31st from 18.00 to 22.00 at the same time as Aalborg City is hosting the “Day and Night” event where the shops in the centre are open until 22.00.

StartupWorks is a co-working space for startups and smaller companies in the centre of Aalborg. We are currently around 20 companies and around 50 residents.

Via the Pop Up event, we wish to create an event where artists can meet other artists as well as people who love art. The event will be a cosy event where the art is in focus. The main entrance of StartupWorks is on the walking street, just across from the main entrance to Føtex. We therefore expect that a large number of people will be coming by. There will also be the possibility to buy something sweet to eat and drink. If the weather is good, one can sit on our roof top terrase and relax.

Would you like to exhibit your work with use, we can offer good exhibition possibilities in a cosy environment. Whatever  your artform, be it ceramics, glass, paintings, visual art, street art, fotography, etc, we have room for your art. We would like to have many different artists, so even though you only have “few” works which you can exhibit, we would love to hear from you.

It is possible for people to buy the art during the event and we do not charge any commission. All proceeds will go directly to the artist.

Please register before Monday the 27th of May at 12.00 noon via e-mail to info@startupworks.dk with a short description of you and the work you would like to exhibit.

More info:

We have room for around 50 pieces in the size of 1m x 1m, or multiple smaller pieces, on our walls. We also have around 200sqm of floor space we can use for the exhibition. We will try to get some easels for the event, but if you have anything yourself to support your work on the floor space, it would be great to get that as well. If we have enough interest, we have 200 sqm more we can use.

The idea is that you can come with your works some time before the event and collect them again after the event. We can store your works in a locked room both before and after the event. And if you are interested in having your work hang on our walls for a longer time, we are also interested in that.

If you have art which should be arranged on a table or the floor, there is also room for that.

We currently have rails mounted on the walls with wires and hooks which can be arranged at different heights. If you provide your works with something to engage a hook, for example a string or a loop on the back of the works, then you are ready to be exhibited.

Please contact us at info@startupworks.dk for a dialog about the possibilities.

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