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We believe that not all heroes wear caps; some wear T-shirts and sneakers as they work towards trying to develop new technologies that will change the world.  Our residents are tech enthusiasts who have something unique and innovative to contribute within current technology. Although each resident is doing something widely different, they all have their global ambitions and scalable potential in common. Be inspired and read about our resident’s stories. test

Terapeut Booking

Terapeut Booking er et dansk administrationssystem for selvstændige behandlere. Terapeut Booking håndterer påmindelser, regnskab, aftaler, journaler og meget mere


ALL CAPS is an indie game studio which focuses on colorful, whimsical and entertaining games with a high degree of quality. The company’s expertise includes the fields of Game Design, Programming, Project Management, Marketing and Monetization.

Dental Media

We create value for dentists and patients through digitalisation. We have developed a combined solution, that helps clinics reach their full capacity and reach more patients.


Dynaccount offers solid online services in accounting programs. The goal is to be the fastest and most intuitive accounting program on the market.


The GoodiePack software makes it possible for you to create an easy and convenient communication channel – so you can communicate with the guest directly through their own mobile device before, under and after the event or their stay.


Plai have developed a platform that supports an innovative digital “rent to own video games concept” – called “Pay as you play”.

Icebreaker Nordic

ICEBREAKER Nordic is the company behind ICEBREAKER – the world’s first hand-held ice cube maker. ICEBREAKER is the company’s first product of many to come in their mission to revolutionize the ice cube industry.


Aalborgs first city media. Our mission is to share exciting news from the area. Everything from events, music and restaurants to the firstmovers and businesses around Aalborg.

Min Forening

MinForening is a free app for you and your union. It makes it easy for you to plan your activities and communicate with your members or teammates.


Progras is a rapidly growing software consultancy. We are specialists in web development using the newest technologies. We work with small and medium-sized companies to develop their existing or new products.


We develop a new kind of locking mechanism which makes the bike worthless to thieves. When the lock is broken, the bicycle becomes useless as it means they have to break it.

Progression Park

We develop digital learning tools for dyslexic children and early readers and writers.


Our mission is to “Provide security and safety around the wireless devices” All RadiCovers products provide you and your family with effective protection against mobile radiation and RFID credit card fraud.

Team Effect

TeamEffect helps you get happy and committed employees with an easy and dialogue-based tool.


VR Rehab is a company who develops a Virtual Reality platform for rehabilitation. Our service represents a full solution for hospitals and clinics in need of rehabilitation.

Wind Power Lab

Our core service is to provide blade defect assessments to our customers, enabling qualified repair recommendations and data driven maintenance.


We provide angel investments for early stage tech
startups. Focus is on startups where IPR is a key

Hoffman Lindberg

Denmarks cheapest debt collection service in collaboration with Dynaccount


With SuperInsight we offer automated follow-up and impact measurement on strategic training programs like Ledership or Commercial Training in large organisations. Thereby improving the business case.


PYLOTS is a team of skilled software developers. We help exciting project get to sea. If you have a great idea, a killer team, but lack the technology, we can be your TechTeam. We work for equity, typically 20-30%. We focus on fintech, trading and blockchain on web and mobile.


We provide a web based tool for keeping track of the patents filed by your competitors.

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